Flat car sides and ends

The evening of detailing did nothing to shake my conviction that three models is enough. Once I’d trapped the little wandering buggers with some tape, the stake pocket jig and its low-tech companion, the end sill template, worked beautifully.  Okay, the “end sill template” is just a piece of paper with ticks on it; to use it, I simply lined each bolt head with the tick. … Continue reading Flat car sides and ends

Canonical flat car and load

In order to get swappable loads, I need to not only get the stake pockets all aligned, but also the side sills the same distance apart and aligned relative to one another.  I should count my blessings that these cars do not appear to have end pockets!   I had thought that simply building all cars with identical side and end sills would achieve this … Continue reading Canonical flat car and load

A second bench for the workshop

I keep having to tell myself that all this work on the workshop is in fact work towards the locomotive.  Finally this weekend, I managed to get the second cabinet finished to the point where it can be painted.  Like the first, it is almost entirely made from scraps left over from my other projects.  Consequently, some of the components are not what I would … Continue reading A second bench for the workshop

Towards swappable loads

It is a strange fact that I have never scratchbuilt a flat car before.  I clearly remember the Kalmbach book, Easy to Build Model Railroad Freight Cars, recommending that you should start out with a flat and work your way up to house cars; of course, I also clearly remember ignoring that advice and leaping in on a dustbin-fated hopper.  However, what makes it stranger … Continue reading Towards swappable loads