The heavy shop takes shape

When I asked my wife what she thought of the new workshop cabinet, she said it looks “workshoppy.”  Okay, I’ll admit, the joinery is not as nice as I would like, but you’ve gotta love those 4″ deep drawers, and the big cavern behind those doors is sized for a future Sherline mill.

I’m also pretty chuffed about having found the drawer slides at ReStore for a buck apiece, and the cup hinges were from a previous project.  All the wood was left over from previous projects, save the studs.  So this cabinet cost something like $20 and some time.

I’m wracking my brain for something fun to paint on this cabinet.  Ideally, I would like to be able to identify the drawers and doors by obvious names.  This way I could tell someone looking for a tool, “it’s in the XXX drawer,”  substituting “XXX” for something family-safe.  Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “The heavy shop takes shape

  1. My friend Rob suggested:

    Why not paint it like a Mondrian painting. So each drawer or door has its own colour.

    Not sure if my tongue is in my cheek or I’m serious. . . . .

    1. That’s exactly my thought for the wall on the right! It will have a whole bunch of doors and panels of various sizes, separated by ~1.5″ strips where the studs are. I figure I will paint the strips black and the doors different colours.

      The remaining cabinet is going to have 5 drawers and a panel (to support the step), enough for ROYGBV.

      For this one, I’m thinking bronze, silver and gold. Other ideas have included the three wise monkeys (See no evil,…). If I think about it as four panels, then I could do the four horsemen of the apocalypse, or perhaps the elements – fire, wind, water, earth…

      The idea is to have some fun with the room as everywhere else in our house is somewhat drab.

      Thanks for the suggestion,

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