Paint booth turntable

I seem to spend a lot of my time making turntables.

Given the amount of stress I feel when I fire up the air brush, I’ll take anything that helps.  I left a hole in the fold-down leaf for the spray booth to allow for a zero-height lazy Susan that’s sure to make painting more enjoyable.

The turntable itself is made of 1/4 inch plywood.  I traced around the lid for a Tinkertoys package, which was ostensibly round, but apparently not actually round.  Certainly by the time I’d run around it with the jigsaw, it was nowhere near round.

I epoxied a cheap and nasty lazy Susan mechanism to the turntable, and to a sun-shaped cover for the hole.  Then, once the epoxy was good and set, I clamped my router next to the turntable and fed the turntable into it by hand.  This made it much rounder, but also caused a pretty sizeable gap all the way round, which will be fine until the day a part of the airbrush rolls in there.

Spray booth turntable

Until that day, I’m going to totally enjoy the happy sunshine motif and the zero-height lazy Susan.  Maybe it will be enough to make me want to actually paint things.

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