Paint booth installed

Anyone who owns their home will be familiar with the way jobs stack.  You just want to change one little thing, but before you can do that, you must move that other thing, and replace the bit there.  Before you know it, fixing a light bulb has turned into replacing the drain tile.  So it […]


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Paint booth turntable

I seem to spend a lot of my time making turntables. Given the amount of stress I feel when I fire up the air brush, I’ll take anything that helps.  I left a hole in the fold-down leaf for the spray booth to allow for a zero-height lazy Susan that’s sure to make painting more […]

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The new

I just finished updating the website, moving it over to WordPress so that someone else looks after concerns such as keeping the server up-to-date and secure.   It’s been so long that I posted there that I’d forgotten about the blog completely! There are a few topics that may be of interest to readers […]

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Test fitting the spray booth

It seems a hundred years ago that I bought that range hood for a deep discount at Rona.  It sat for all those years beneath the pile of junk in the heavy shop, awaiting its moment to be installed.  I’d bought it early so I could be sure of the vent location, and it seems […]

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