The heavy shop emerges

For a little over a week, I’ve been pecking away at the huge pile of boxes that has filled the part of the basement that has always been tagged for the “heavy shop.” They’ve literally been packed for years, and occasionally I’ve come down to find another heaped on the pile. Now that the cabinets in the rec room are completed, I was able to find space for at least some of the stuff, and other items are moving out to the garage.

Heavy shop

I’m still left with a small collection of possessionsĀ that defy decision. What should I do with the old film cameras? Will I ever use them? They’ve sat for ten years without use, but it feels wasteful to simply jettison them. How about those mugs that Jeff and Eithne gave us, but which started to leak after many years of loving them (the cups and the people)?

It’s been agonizing, but I can finally see the floor in the basement alcove behind the bathroom. The space measures just 53″x43.5″, and so, calling it the “heavy shop” is a bit of a stretch. However, the drill press and the lathe will live here, along with the air compressor and paint booth.

Yes, all that, and space to move too! I have a cunning plan.

Heavy shop


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