Racing to finish the roundhouse 

After three evenings of concentrated effort, the roundhouse is nearing completion. I didn’t quite finish everything on the list, but I still should have one more day before I have to go to Toronto. Also, there is always the prospect of working into the wee hours on Saturday before the meet. It wouldn’t be the first time I displayed a model that was still wet.

Before collapsing into bed, I grabbed a few shots with my phone.  The biggest changes are the shed, which has finally been attached and also received an unscheduled door, the mullions and glazing, and of course gravel on the roof.   The gravel in the photos will mostly get poured off once the “tar” beneath has set.

Roundhouse quick shots

Roundhouse quick shots


3 thoughts on “Racing to finish the roundhouse 

  1. Really admire your work on the shingles and would love to get the file for clapboard. I have done the first try at a shingle roof form my station and aiming to make one that is slate-like.

    Could you send me your clapboard file?

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thanks for your kind words.
      Unfortunately, right now I can’t send you the clapboard file! The file was destroyed when Microsoft reached into my Linux machine and pulled the kernel ( I’m working on a series of article for Model Railroad Hobbyist on these techniques and will offer the files along with those. In the meantime, it is easy to generate the clapboard files by simply removing all the little ticks out of the shingle file. This gives clapboard with, if memory serves, 6″ reveal.
      Good luck, and I would love to hear how your models turn out.

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