Four days left

It turns out that due to my mum’s visit and an impending business trip to Hogtown next week, I only have four evenings left until the Railway Modellers’ Meet! There is definitely more than four days’ worth of work left in the roundhouse at my usual rate, and so, I need to get hyper-efficient.

I took a couple of minutes today to sketch out a plan for the first three days, leaving one day for the inevitable disaster. In project management, we call that contingency, and allowing for it in a modelling project feels awfully sophisticated to me.  Indeed, mapping out a plan at all feels highly workmanlike.

It always feels like every project I undertake takes about a year.  This roundhouse was started about May last year, with some months off to work on the drawings for 622.  The turntable before it was also about a year long.  Maybe if I made more project plans, I could bring these models out a little faster.

Naw, sounds like work!


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