A lathe joins the workshop

I’ve wanted a lathe for about as long as I’ve been able to spell the word.  Even before I got into Proto:87, I knew one would be a part of my workshop someday.  Since getting into the finer scale, it’s been inevitable.

My friend, Andrew Hutchinson, has more machine tools than a single person should really own.  Yet, he always seems to be on the lookout for more, and occasionally has sent me links to Craigslist ads for ones available here in Vancouver.  I’ve been holding out for a Sherline, for reasons that are lost to history.  This week, he found one.  It’s metric, but that’s not something we hold against the French, so I won’t blame my tools for it either.

This afternoon, I braved the rain, the Lion’s Gate Bridge and a very large Eastern European, whom I met in the lobby of his building, and after a brief test and feel, came away with my very first lathe.  It, in turn, braved the sea of crumbs and raisins that is the back seat of Blueberry, our superannuated CR-V for the trip to North Vancouver.  The new tool has taken up residence in the garage until the heavy shop is ready to receive it.  That had better be soon as I’m not proceeding further on 622 until there are wheels.


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