Roundhouse mullions

The window pattern for this roundhouse came from a drawing for the roundhouse at Barry’s Bay.  Each of the three windows has six large sections, each of nine panes, making 172 panes in all.  That’s a lot of careful cutting, but trivial for the Cricut!

I don’t know why I’d been putting it off, but there I was, near the end of the model, and I still had not cut these parts.  I had even cut a test window last summer; there I discovered the Cricut’s ability to jam its blade into any small piece that works its way free of the cutting mat, and quickly lose its ability to cut.

So, when I went to cut these mullions, I took two precautions.  First, I stood on the .010″ styrene to ensure it was stuck to the cutting mat.  Then, as I was cutting, I held the shop vac over the work area so that any panes that did float free would be sucked up before they caused a problem.  This worked a treat as I did indeed hear a few panes rattle up the vacuum tube.

I cut the .010″ styrene with the Custom/Light Chipboard setting, and the blade that happened to be in the machine.  I probably could have gone a touch lighter, but it seems to have come out very nicely all the same.


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