No plans for expansion here!

My mum is coming to visit tomorrow, and that means that I’ve spent more than the usual proportion of time on finishing up household projects especially in the railroad room cum office cum guest room*.

The cabinets along the back wall of the room were among those projects, and I’m rather pleased with how they’ve turned out.    The bulk of the cabinets were from IKEA, saving me tedious months of drawer construction.  The original plan called for simply drywalling around them, but once they were built, I decided they really wanted a face frame to disguise their flatpack origins — not that there’s anything wrong with that.  

New cabinets

As these things do, the project ballooned once the table saw was invited.  The face frame soon became a pair of pillars and a fancy cornice.  Wouldn’t you know it, but the cornice is the perfect width for an HO scale track, and nearly the right height too! Quelle surprise!

Of course there are no plans to expand; Pembroke is more than sufficient for me for the foreseeable future.  Yet, I’m only human: the possibilities exposed by this project have me dreaming of guest-room-filling empires!

* It should be interesting to see what that sentence does for the stats on this site.  My apologies if your nefarious intentions were not met by your visit here.


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