Roundhouse trim out of order

As I was posting the photos of the smoke jacks the other day, I noticed that I had not yet completed the trim on the corners. Shucks! I had left this off until the front wall was done, and then I left it off until the rafters had stabilized the purlins, and then I got excited and just kept right on going with the roof and the smoke jacks.

Meanwhile, the model got less and less wieldy*. So, when I finally slowed down long enough to realize that the corners were still naked, there was no good way to put it down, and certainly no good way to cut into the siding to correct all the flaws that made the trim sit proud of the surface.

Holding the model while cutting recesses for the trim was a little bit like scraping epoxy off an ostrich egg shell – an activity with which I’m sure you’re familiar.  Anyway, it took a little longer, but I persevered and managed to get the trim in place. Some touch-up work is required to blend it in with the weathering on the rest of the sides. But mostly it looks okay.

* Despite what WordPress/Chrome thinks, wieldy is a word. I thought it was one of those interesting words that only exists in the negative, but according to, even wieldiest is a word!


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