What will you bring?

Early in my railway modelling life, I was fortunate to be encouraged to join the Ottawa Valley Associated Railroaders (OVAR).  Monthly through the long frigid Ottawa winters, this club met for dinner in the Nepean Sportsplex, right next to my high school.  They’re still going strong after 56 years. As well as a speaker, OVAR also has a monthly display of models – each month … Continue reading What will you bring?

Racing to finish the roundhouse 

After three evenings of concentrated effort, the roundhouse is nearing completion. I didn’t quite finish everything on the list, but I still should have one more day before I have to go to Toronto. Also, there is always the prospect of working into the wee hours on Saturday before the meet. It wouldn’t be the first time I displayed a model that was still wet. … Continue reading Racing to finish the roundhouse 

No plans for expansion here!

My mum is coming to visit tomorrow, and that means that I’ve spent more than the usual proportion of time on finishing up household projects especially in the railroad room cum office cum guest room*. The cabinets along the back wall of the room were among those projects, and I’m rather pleased with how they’ve turned out.    The bulk of the cabinets were from … Continue reading No plans for expansion here!