Smoke jacks installed

The camera is a cruel critic! These smoke jacks look pretty good in real life, but when you get them under a macro lens, the deficiencies sure leap out. To be fair to myself, I think the camera was tilted in the photo above, and the two smoke jacks are actually quite vertical.

To get them vertical and the right height, I cunningly created a block of wood that is 16’6″ tall and sat the smoke jacks on it while the glue set. I’m happy to say that this worked like a charm. I’d had visions of an extended cuss-fest as each smoke jack held its position for a couple of minutes before sagging to whatever elevation it wanted to assume, while spreading glue up and down the visible sides.


Neil Erickson asked the other day why I didn’t make the holes for the smoke jacks when cutting out the roof. I actually cut H-shaped slices roughly where the smoke jacks needed to go. I then popped the jacks up through the centre of the H, and trimmed the roof back to fit. This enabled me to delay the precise location of the hole until I knew how it had to work with the smoke jack.




6 thoughts on “Smoke jacks installed

  1. They look good from here!

    From personal experience, I’m guessing most viewers will not see the flaws that you see particularly when they are made aware of the fact that you scratchbuilt them! My wife is an artist and what I have noticed that she sees when viewing work like this is whether or not it’s sloppy, not so much if it’s not perfectly vertical or whatever.

    Cheers! Shawn

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