Gravel stop for the roundhouse roof

You’ve gotta love the Internet. My inclination when designing the edge of the roof was that there must have been some sort of parapet to keep the gravel on. However, if that was the case, the parapet must have been awfully low, or I completely fouled up the depth of the rafters.

Now, the rafter dimensions were more or less decided back in November when I cut the posts and set the purlins.  So, I was really hoping I didn’t need to sand down the rafters to six inches or something to allow for a parapet.

A few minutes of Googling, however, yielded not only the result I was looking for, but also the name of the solution — “gravel stop.”  These can be as low as 3/4 of an inch, which would explain the low total depth of the fascia.  That is why you’ve gotta love the Internet.

In past buildings I have used aluminium foil to represent flashing.  I like the way you can make it bend and crimp, just like the real stuff.  This time I found I had some big rolls of aluminium tape in my drawer, and so, I used that.  The glue on this tape is very aggressive, but I have no idea if it’ll last for the decades Pembroke will likely be around; fingers crossed!

To make the gravel stop itself, I first glued some .012″ brass wire to the edge of the roof.  Then I stuck the tape to the fascia, and bent it over the wire with my thumb nail.  It’s taken me most of Saturday to get all around the roof, but those were stolen minutes between walking the dog, a drumming workshop and an extended game of cops and robbers.

Gravel stop


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