Roundhouse roof raised

Back when planning this model, I thought I might make the roof out of something serious.  Serious like steel.  I reasoned the weight would keep the model from ever warping or trying to ride up.  Over time, in my mind, I’ve retracted to something serious like styrene; it has no weight, but at least it won’t warp.  Then, as the actual construction got closer, it’s now become card.

Card was just too easy: I set up the Cricut to scribe lines for 10″ boards, and then basically cut out shapes to match the roof.  They joggle because they follow the rafters, and they joggle more because I accidentally flipped the middle one over while I was cutting it to fit.  The whole roof is glued down with very tiny beads of white glue.

Roundhouse roof

Roundhouse roof


3 thoughts on “Roundhouse roof raised

  1. Sure looks nice from below. The scribed boards came out very nicely and, you didn’t mention, but looks painted to match.

    Why didn’t you cut out the chimney stack locations at the same time? Glutton for punishment?

    It this whole section removable from the layout? It looks like it is sitting on a drawer (which gives me an idea about a drawer work surface similar to the old pull out breadboard).

    1. Thanks Neil.
      Yes, the boards are treated with the same Raw Sienna oil as all other interior surfaces.
      I actually did cut out the smoke jack holes, but left them so they can peel back (an advantage of thin card). This way, I didn’t have to figure out the exact dimensions of the holes up front. Cut properly (mine won’t be), they would be trapezoidal, rather than square due to the truncated pyramid shape of the lower half of the smoke jack and the sloped roof.
      Yes, the whole section gets removed from the layout and plopped on an open drawer. The drawers actually have slides designed to stick out for this purpose, and I have every intention of building a work surface to sit on the drawer one day. Placing this on a drawer allows space for the turntable mechanism to hang below.

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