Roundhouse rafters started

This roundhouse is a little unusual in that the rafters run lengthwise rather than across the stalls. Your guess is as good as mine as to why.

In the first sitting, I only installed enough rafters to get parallel to the stalls’ axes.  I wanted to tie the posts to the walls a little better so that when I pulled the whole model off its footings it would be less delicate.  At the same time, I wanted to allow space to get my fingers in to ease the building off its footings too.

The posts all initially fit snugly into the holes in the baseboard; that way, they stayed vertical without bracing while I glued them to the rest of the framing.  Of course, when the roof goes on, I will not be able to pull on each post independently any longer.  My daughter can still reach into the opening in the wall if needed, but that’s only temporary unless I surreptitiously start stunting her growth now (maybe introduce her to my friend Mr Starbuck?).

So, before getting the roof on, I gingerly removed the building from its footings and sharpened the end of each post.  Now the roundhouse lifts easily off the baseboard for maintenance, and the posts guide themselves into the holes when replacing the building.

If you’re wondering what happened with the door, it mostly went back together.  I couldn’t get the middle pintle into the middle hinge, and so, I’ll have to fake it out.  There is also a little blemish on the casing, but as someone said, it adds a little character; maybe I can turn it into a knot.

Roundhouse rafters


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