Magnetic mishap

“I’ll just glue the front wall onto the roundhouse, and leave it to set overnight; then I’ll go to bed,” I thought.

It was an awkward thing to clamp, and there was a gap near the bottom of the wall. I couldn’t stay there holding it all night, and so, I cast about for something to hold it for me.

My eye lit on some magnets that have been stuck to one of my lamps for some time. Just the thing, but those ones weren’t strong enough. So, I dug some amazingly strong ones out of storage.

“These ones should do the trick,” I thought as I hefted them and felt their weights in my hand. I could barely pull them apart!

I offered them up on either side of the offending joint, and as I let go, faster than a moose through the windshield, they jumped around the front of the roundhouse and attacked the door! They pulled the door half off its hinges and somehow managed to knock a board out of the door itself. To make matters worse, I couldn’t separate the magnets without taking the door the rest of the way off its hinges.

It seemed like such a good idea at the time!


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