Roundhouse door details

I think detailing is the thing most of us like best in model building. For some, that means adding people, vehicles and junque to a scene. To me, it means adding the minor details that bring a model into the foreground – the staples that hold the drop rods onto the front of the doors or the bolt heads on the backs of the doors. The latch for holding each door shut is a simple wooden assembly.

I put lots of thought into how I might open the doors remotely, but I’m still not satisfied with any solution I’ve come up with. In the meantime, I really want to get going on #622. So, I made the drop rods out of steel, and I will provide a magnetic wand to open and close the doors until I decide to come back to the problem.

It turns out that fine steel wire is harder to find than you might think. .015″ (.38 mm)  wire is readily available from K&S, but I thought that would be too chunky. I scoured the house for something finer and ultimately harvested a few bristles from a wire brush. These were .013″ (.33 mm), and so only 13% finer, but I find that noticeable. I blackened them chemically so that there wouldn’t be a bunch of paint bulking them back up again.


3 thoughts on “Roundhouse door details

  1. Guitar string, .007″ and up. Easy to find most sizes and shapes at Long and McQuade or similar. PL for plain.

    A Hutchinson

      1. The stuff I have is very magnetic in the frustrating sort of way that when cut it sticks to the nippers. I use the .008″ stuff for spikes and it rarely goes missing, so sort of helpful in that particular situation. Most often I use D’addario plain steel. The .007″ I’ve ordered in a couple of times but everything else I’ve bought as a walk-in including .008″, usually around a dollar per string.

        A Hutchinson

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