Hanging the first roundhouse door

I’ve finally managed to clear a path to the modelling desk, and so, we can expect three things: some progress on the roundhouse, and a dramatic downturn in productivity on the cabinets, followed soon thereafter by remarks about endless renovation projects.

Speaking of renovations, I was reminded that roundhouses actually have French doors, and that my only other attempt at a French door is not all that good.  The maudit door to our pantry, which was created from a maudit bifold door, never really closes perfectly.  So, we should not expect any better from this model.

Pantry door

Even so, the approach was simplicity itself: I offered the door up to the jamb, and drilled holes just below the hinges.  Then, L-shaped pegs were pushed into the hinges on one side and into the holes on the other.  It turned out to be easiest to get all the pegs on the door first and then put them in the holes; trying to get the door onto the pegs once they were in the holes almost drove me crazy.

I probably could have completed all the doors this evening, but there was a lot of work to do for the Railway Modellers’ Meet, and consequently I only had about 15 minutes to apply to my railway.  Still, I’m happy to report that the first doors work, at least as well as the maudit door to the pantry.

First roundhouse door


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