Magnetic mishap

“I’ll just glue the front wall onto the roundhouse, and leave it to set overnight; then I’ll go to bed,” I thought. It was an awkward thing to clamp, and there was a gap near the bottom of the wall. I couldn’t stay there holding it all night, and so, I cast about for something […]


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Roundhouse door details

I think detailing is the thing most of us like best in model building. For some, that means adding people, vehicles and junque to a scene. To me, it means adding the minor details that bring a model into the foreground – the staples that hold the drop rods onto the front of the doors […]

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Hanging the first roundhouse door

I’ve finally managed to clear a path to the modelling desk, and so, we can expect three things: some progress on the roundhouse, and a dramatic downturn in productivity on the cabinets, followed soon thereafter by remarks about endless renovation projects. Speaking of renovations, I was reminded that roundhouses actually have French doors, and that my only […]

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Cabinets about to get filled in

I kind of think I jumped the gun in getting the cabinets all assembled before filling in around them.  Oh well, I’m sure it’s nothing a plastic sheet and some masking tape can’t solve.  Truth be told, I was pretty excited to see them go together, but not as excited as I’m sure I will […]

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