Fitting the roundhouse doors

It may be a little fortunate that I had to work so much this week. It gave me time to simmer down from the episode of the oversized roundhouse doors and realize that it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought.

First of all, on closer inspection, the doors were perhaps half a millimetre too wide, as opposed to a millimetre. Then as I was sloshing my bike through the deluge on Thursday, I fancied that I didn’t need to shave anything off the door posts, but only the siding and the trim.

The trim came off fairly easily, and the siding beneath fell away with a few slices of a fresh section of Olfa blade. Enough backsliding, I could then refit the trim to match the doors.

Roundhouse doors fitted 

Once bitten twice shy, the saying goes. So, I reinstalled the roundhouse front in its holes, just in case the doors change shape when they’re in place. I’m glad I did as I found that two of the openings were actually too low as well as too narrow.  Phew!  Another fresh section of Olfa blade (card is not kind to blades) and a further half a millimetre of adjustment was made.

Then I taped the pairs of doors together along with a piece of card to hold them rigid, and used the pairs of doors to position the vertical trim on either side. I let one side of each door dry a little before positioning the second trim piece.


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