Hero #78 does 57

Gosh it’s cold.  I went out to a Railway Modellers’ Meet executive meeting in Surrey last night and there was so much snow and ice, it looked like the real Canada!  We still have snow and ice here in North Vancouver, but we never got the dump that the Valley received.  Still it’s cold, or my skin isn’t anywhere near as thick as it was back when I was growing up in Ontario.

Sadly, the drill press has not moved inside yet, and so, those holes in the eighteen hinges required a trip to the garage.  After just a few minutes, my fingers were so cold I had to watch my hands to affirm that they were still holding things I’d picked up, and I couldn’t see the holes I was making without holding the part up to the light.

Each hinge has 3 holes, and there are eighteen of them; so 54 holes were required.  I made an extra so I could afford to make a bad one or trash one; so 57.  You would expect to break a drill bit or two when making 57 holes, but this hero bit went the duration!  I feel like retiring its jersey.

Oh, sure, I had a nice fixture to hold the hinges steady while I was drilling them (this is the styrene assembly in the photo, and the 19th hinge is shown in place for drilling the third hole).  Also, I used some of my Uncle David’s beeswax to lubricate the bit.

But 57 holes in brass, from one #78 drill bit has to be some sort of a record.



One thought on “Hero #78 does 57

  1. If there isn’t already one, there needs to be a drill bit hall of fame. Maybe it can tour the world as an inspiration to other up and coming drill bits

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