Who put all that stuff in the TRAIN room?

On Wednesday, I took a reprieve from working in the evening (which is how I’ve spent most of January) to take in a work session chez my friend Scott Calvert. He indicated I should bring my soldering iron. When I went to retrieve it, I found an impassible pile of detritus in front of my desk. The soldering iron was virtually buried. I texted a photo to … Continue reading Who put all that stuff in the TRAIN room?

Roundhouse doors stress Cricut accuracy

I should know better, really I should.  Time and again, I press forward only to run headlong into reality. This week I’ve stolen only a few minutes away from work; or more accurately, work has stolen most of the evening hours from me.  Those minutes that I could apply to the railway went to creating a plug to assist with positioning the doors so I can … Continue reading Roundhouse doors stress Cricut accuracy

Prime railroading time

Last night was our neighbourhood’s annual Progressive Party.  Yeah, I did wonder just what kind of neighbourhood we’d moved into when we got the invitation shortly after moving in 14 years ago.  It turns out, there is no Ice Storm key swapping on the street as far as I’m aware, but rather it’s a pot luck that migrates from house to house. My wife said … Continue reading Prime railroading time