Roundhouse doors ready for hinges

The train room has converted into a guest room for the holidays. So progress is going to slow down for a bit. I had some pieces of roundhouse doors drying on the lights, which totally messes with the comfortable-yet-tidy ambience we’re aiming for in our guest room. So, while I should have been vacuuming, I was instead putting the roundhouse doors together so I could put them away.

Roudhouse doors

I used this UHU super-powerful glue stick to assemble the braces on the boards. It smells like it means business, but failed in many places. Actually, I think the failure was in the application as it’s difficult to get all the parts gluey without getting big gobs of adhesive everywhere. 

Glue stick

Several people suggested spray adhesive when I was applying battens, and I should have listened to them, I guess.  Well, after laboriously resticking all the failed bonds, I think the doors look pretty good. Hopefully they fit in the openings!


5 thoughts on “Roundhouse doors ready for hinges

  1. Rene:

    You are the Cricut master! Are you still exporting files from Inkscape? I am having issues with rounded corners from SketchUp and think that this has to do with layer order but not sure. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    1. Hi Neil, yes I’m still exporting from Inkscape, although I flatten the drawing into a single layer before importing to DesignSpace. I saw your post on Facebook, and suspect like others that this could be something to do with either a faulty machine or the deep cut blade. My window mullions are not perfect, but they do come out significantly better than those. Good luck! Rene

      1. Thank you.

        Since I have calibrated the machine, along with a higher resolution output, this seems to have improved. The problem is that the files don’t appear to be vectors so I have downloaded Inkscape and hope to get an SVG flattend file that behaves better still.

        I also don’t get a scale drawing into Design Space so always am adjusting this based on a known dimension. PITA!


  2. Yes, you definitely want to use vector art. I didn’t think the calibration did anything useful, but then my results out of the box were better than what you posted.

    There was a description of why the drawings get rescaled in the Facebook group. Something to do with pixels and stuff. The hack I use (from Miles Hale) is to name the file with its width. Then I resize the drawing as soon as I import it. It’s still a pain, but more of a slight ache like in my right hamstring than than the one in my knee from crashing on the ice last night.


    1. Ouch! So much for the health benefits from commuting on a bicycle. It was nice here today and fairly bright for winter solstice. I use Strava if you ever feel like checking out my boring ride to town every day 😉

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