Roundhouse doors cut

I warmed up the Cricut for a little workout this evening, cutting out the doors for the roundhouse. The blade is not super-sharp, and two passes didn’t reliably cut through the 3-ply Strathmore on the “Iron On” setting. No matter, it was a few minutes’ work to chase all the cuts with an Olfa knife, ensuring few of the parts tore.

I cut half-way through the ends of all the boards.  However, this makes some of them very delicate.  Probably next time I will not bother: cutting the carrier sheets from the assembled board-by-board part is not difficult, and doesn’t require the half-cut boards.

These are parts that will not get additional bracing; it should be interesting to see if they last. Fortunately, they are not difficult to make, and so, if they do warp, I can whip up another set and use something more robust for the bracing.


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