The roundhouse man door

My thanks to readers Shawn and Ben for applying their thoughts and experience to the enigma of the roundhouse man door. The question is, what is causing the shadow across the top of the man door?

In the previous post I conjectured this shadow was because the man door was a sliding door behind the big door. Ben and Shawn have experience with framing and they felt this would be a more expensive option than a hinged door. Ben also pointed out that there could be a latch on the middle of the big door, which would be strange if it were a sliding door.

But, a hinged door with strap hinges would be the same thickness as the big door, and thus there would be no shadow across the top. So, if it was a hinged door, it would have to be framed out on the inside of the big door.

Why would they do that, and what would it look like? I found a photo online, which showed a door framed with 2×6 or 1×6 on the flat. Would this be appropriate for a hinged man door in a bigger door, or would it make the already heavy big door even heavier?

Roundhouse man door


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