Cade’s Green

As guest editor for Model Railway Journal No. 250, Iain Rice profiled his own home layout, Cade’s Green.  Now, Iain’s is one of the few voices that somehow avoids the stultifying muffle of the American press, even when writing for Kalmbach. So, left to his own devices, his feature article absolutely sings with his rich […]


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More on driving doors

A couple of weeks ago, when introducing my clinic on the Cricut, my friend Mark Dance claimed that if there is a more complicated way to do something, I will surely attempt to do it. Apparently he knows me pretty well.  I don’t know if that is altogether my choice, but the philosophy behind Pembroke […]

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Roundhouse front wall

Progress on the railway always takes a bit of a dive in November as I focus on Christmas gifts. In stolen minutes since the Railway Modellers’ Meet, two weeks ago, I’ve managed to add the missing blocking and timbers to the front wall of the roundhouse. The pillars for roundhouse doors are generally very heavy, […]

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Roundhouse arches

Information is a curse and a blessing.  On the one hand, having real prototype information makes our models that much richer.  On the other hand, once you have it, it cannot be ignored. In my case, Peter Newman shared a Del Rosamond photograph of the roundhouse after it had burned (unfortunately I don’t have permission to […]

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Exploring the Cricut

There were about 35 folks in the audience for this morning’s clinic at the Railway Modellers’ Meet.  That was pretty good, considering it was the first clinic of the day, and many attendees had a late night of operations on Thursday. As usual, I’m offering the slides under a Creative Commons license. Also, here is […]

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