Turnout controls started

Well, I really thought tonight was the end of Daylight Savings Time, and per tradition, I made use of the extra hour to work on the layout.  It is an especially welcome hour this year as we are only 7 days away from the layout tour.

Mark Dance suggested I attempt to get the roundhouse a little further along, and it’s now getting to a point where I could display it.  He also suggested I do a little scenery blitz and get a couple of turnout controls done.  In the unlikely event that the engine is running by the time folks arrive next Sunday, I decided to concentrate on the controls for either end of the short run-around.

The controls are my own design, which I printed at Shapeways.  The test print suggested some improvements, including beefier sides for the arm, and longer ears for the handle.  Unfortunately, the resulting prints don’t quite work either; now you can’t get the handle into the arm.

So, I created new handles out of telescoping brass rod and square tube.  The rod is 1/8″ and the two sections of tube are 5/32 and 3/16.  The latter needed to get filed down to 0.181″ so it fit into the arm.  I cut the whole handle assemblies to 2.5″ length.  Then I drilled them 1/16″ and drove .064″ rod through the arms and handles.  I left the rods extra long, rather than attempting to peen them over or something.

The controls require slots in the fascia.  I created these by abusing a 5/32″ drill.  There is a 3/8″ hole slightly in from one end of the slot where the arm pivots.

Of course, actually Daylight Savings Time doesn’t end until next weekend.  So, I guess I just stayed up late.  Hopefully I’m able to find some time tomorrow to work on the scenery blitz.

5 thoughts on “Turnout controls started

  1. I was just reading up about what a layout tour might involve from one of your previous posts, sounds really daunting! Do you find people, ultimately a guest in your house, are more polite? Or like an exhibition over here do not always hold back harsh judgement?! I am now currently dreaming up what I could build in an American sized basement !

      1. Hahaha, indeed…my bad. Do they literally get bussed to your house? I find the idea really fascinating. My wife is from New Zealand and I believe they do something similar there. Me and Chris must come over one day, we would love to try and sample model railway culture in Canada or America. We get snip bits through these blogs and trainmasters tv etc but I imagine the first time you enter a basement it must be ‘wow’. I have noticed on trainmasters that some modellers have a locomotive lash up that is actually longer than my entire layout?!

      2. We used to bus folks around, but now for the smaller meets, they drive themselves. It’s not for everyone.
        Some train rooms are indeed amazing!

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