Roundhouse studs

Today The Girl helped me cut the studs for the roundhouse walls.  We used HO scale 4×6 – a little heavy, perhaps, but I felt it was worth having some extra bracing to hold up the card.

I had originally thought I would use the stud assemblies that I cut with the Cricut, but inspired by yesterday’s post, “Don’t settle for good, go for better,” I decided I could do better.  With proper planning, it didn’t take that long. The key was to avoid cutting anything to fit, and use the order of installation to get reasonably good joins instead.

I’m glad I did as there is a surprising amount of light inside the roundhouse.  I took a quick shot with the impossible focus camera just to get an idea of the light.  Yes, there was some leakage through the temporary roof, but it’s not going to be anywhere near as murky as I thought.

Roundhouse interior concept

Roundhouse walls


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