The Muskrat River gets safe for swimming

It seems like years ago that I went through the ordeal of smoothing out the Muskrat River. In fact it was only five months.

After spending three weeks filling and sanding and priming and sanding and painting, it didn’t read like water. I wasn’t happy with it. Rick Sutton and Mark Dance suggested that I paint in some shallower areas near the shore, and so, a couple of weekends ago I picked up a can of Krylon Khaki spray paint, with the intention of spraying the shallows.

I held off until this Saturday when I could open both the windows, and we were going to be out for a few hours. Then I moved everything away from the shore, and gave it a quick blast. The paint was a near perfect match for the clay colour scenery base, which is in turn a good match for the mixture of real Pembroke dirt and grout that I am using elsewhere. Looking now at the photos, I think I need to feather out the transition to deep water a little more; so I’ll be looking for another nice day.

Even so, I think it’s an improvement. The kids probably still think it should be blue, but at least they’ve stopped complaining about the smell. So, thank-you to all those who suggested I paint the shallows.

River gets some shallow bits

River gets some shallow bits

River gets some shallow bits

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