Erecting the roundhouse front wall

Putting the roundhouse together is a delicate operation. Not only is this not a square building, but also it needs to match the track configuration. So, it was with some trepidation that I approached erecting the front wall.

I think along the way, I also changed my mind about how the roundhouse was going to be held in place. When I originally put down the sills, back when I was slinging ballast in this area a year ago, I was thinking I would have magnets holding it in place. So, I didn’t really worry too much about creating post holes.
In that year, a fantastic photo emerged that shows the roundhouse after the fire. We can see all sorts of construction details. In particular, I now know that the joists were in line with the stalls. That means that the post and beam arches that support the roof are the curved walls, not the straight ones. That means they need to get built in place, and that means holes.

So now, here we are: the first arch is half-built. My plan is to get the whole back wall up next so I can use the side walls to locate the front corner posts.

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