A week of redos

It was a heavy week at work – most nights until past midnight. So, I didn’t get much done on the roundhouse. Even so, I managed to get a little bit done in the fifteen minute snatches between times.

As I mentioned last week, the original shingle roof for the shed didn’t allow for any eaves. So, I redesigned and cut that. Along the way, I discovered a new trick: by cutting off the bottom rail of the carrier sheet before gluing the shingles to the roof, I could align the bottom of the roof with the first row of shingles more easily.

Roundhouse redos

The second redo was not expected. While looking again at the few photos of the roundhouse that I have, I rediscovered one that shows the position of the shed. I had located it on the east wall, almost flush with the front, based on one of Del Rosamond’s sketches. The photo shows it was actually about mid-way along the wall.

Because I would like to display the finished roundhouse at the upcoming meet, I dithered a few days before finally telling my wife about the discovery. “Well,” she said, “I think you already know what you’re going to do.” Of course, it couldn’t stay like that!

It turns out that the replacement wall with a re-sited shed didn’t take very long to make anyway. I’m glad I decided to move it, and given the pressures of work, I probably wouldn’t have had anything to display at the meet anyway.


By the way, making a relief for a shed in this clapboard siding is trivial.  Simply make the vertical cuts quite deep.  Then working up from the bottom, cut each board off even with the board above it.


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