Cricut board and batten

It is so nice when a plan works on the first attempt.  Frequent readers of this blog know it’s rare for me, and so, I’m taking a moment to savour the victory.

The battens went on today, pretty much as planned.  I was amazed at how well they lined up with the board joints beneath them.  Very little coaxing was required to get them to cover the joints.  They went on very quickly and painlessly, and if I’d attempted the project with individual battens, well, I’d still be cussing away now.

If I were to improve the design, I would make the battens a little longer than required.  A millimetre would make it easy to ensure there is no support material stuck to the top and bottom of the wall.  Perhaps the battens should be a little thicker too.

The only challenge is to get glue on the battens.  I thought about using spray glue, but this allows very little working time.  So, I settled on dots of WeldBond applied with a pin.  Even these squished out, and had to be cleaned up before they dried.

Board and batten


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