Turnout controls started

Well, I really thought tonight was the end of Daylight Savings Time, and per tradition, I made use of the extra hour to work on the layout.  It is an especially welcome hour this year as we are only 7 days away from the layout tour. Mark Dance suggested I attempt to get the roundhouse a little […]

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Roundhouse studs

Today The Girl helped me cut the studs for the roundhouse walls.  We used HO scale 4×6 – a little heavy, perhaps, but I felt it was worth having some extra bracing to hold up the card. I had originally thought I would use the stud assemblies that I cut with the Cricut, but inspired by yesterday’s post, […]

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Don’t settle for good, go for better

Sometimes, inspiration comes from the strangest places.  The Boy brought home a book from the library called “Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy,” Vesa Lehtimäki’s inspiring collection of photographs of Lego Star Wars. You should treat yourself to a look at his Flickr stream to get an idea of the work. Last night, during teeth-brushing, I got drawn right […]

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Roundhouse Walls go Up

While working on the Railway Modellers’ Meet last night, I almost finished placing the remaining walls. That back wall is going to be tricky and quite delicate while the model is under construction! At the end of the evening, I was sitting back, admiring the progress when I noticed that one of the back wall […]

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SketchUp! goes online!

You might think that I’m no longer a fan of SketchUp! After all, I think my review of OnShape came down pretty strongly in favour of the parametric modelling tool. However, I will say that SketchUp is great for quick drawings. If you want to quickly mock up some buildings to see how they look, […]

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