Roundhouse shed designed

There was a small shed on the east side of the roundhouse. In later years, according to Del Rosamond, it contained ice. It doesn’t actually appear on the 1908 B&B listing, but then, the roundhouse is barely described in that book. So, I’ve decided to include it.


Based on a sketchy distant half-view and a desire to try cutting a new pattern with the Cricut, I’ve chosen to sheath the shed in board and batten siding. Individual boards will be cut as one layer (bottom left), but held together on a pair of sprues to be reunited after painting.

The battens will be an overlay atop the boards (above and to the right of the boards). This may not work as the battens are pretty thin! The pattern also includes underlays to stiffen the walls as well as a roof (bottom right).

Finally, the shingles (top two rows) will follow the now-familiar pattern that I used for the colonial siding on the walls of the roundhouse.  Because shingles are only about 1/4 inch thick, they will need to be paper, which may be too fragile to lift successfully.  It should be very interesting to see how it goes!


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