Roundhouse walls mostly done

Today, I coated the backs and edges of the wall sections with Weldbond, and left them under some weights to dry. This was an improvement over the test wall section because I could then cut out the windows without having to worry about the mullions beneath.

As you can see from this terribly cruel photo, however, the window openings in the siding do not appear to be the right width for the bars that separate the sections of windows.  It looks like I need to take about .01″ off each side, and also slide the window down by about .02″.  I’m taking a break while I ponder how to manage those side cuts.

Of course, I completely forgot about the ice shed when I glued the sheathing on the back of the east wall siding.  Well, it wouldn’t be any fun if it all went smoothly, would it?

3 thoughts on “Roundhouse walls mostly done

  1. I’m actually quite impressed with what you have been able to accomplish with the Cricut in HO scale. The window trim, assuming there is trim, should cover all and the miluntins and millions look great. I was watching a video featuring Dave Frarey who was “painting in the shadows”. This might be a tool to help give our little models some definition. Thanks for posting all the minor successes as well and perceived concerns.

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