Roundhouse saved by the cloud

I had been lamenting the loss of my roundhouse designs.  For some reason, one back wall and a side wall were cut and sitting on my desk for a couple of months while I worked on 622. Then, as I was riding home the other day, I remembered that if I had already cut the designs then they must have been in Cricut Design Space as well as on my computer.

My wife was using her laptop that evening and so I decided to give the Cricut iPad app another try.  Sure enough, if you are sufficiently motivated you can indeed find your own designs in the app.  Then it was a simple matter to fire up the cutter and cut the rest of the walls.

It wasn’t perfect.  I had planned to revise the western wall to accommodate the ice shed, and the studs on the long walls are the original ropy dimension. However, I can probably dust off the old knives and rulers, to make these.

In fact, I’m not convinced that cutting the studs with the Cricut is the most efficient process.  I’ve never found I can get them to cut consistently through, and wind up with quite a bit of laborious hand-cutting to finish them up.

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