Roundhouse shed designed

There was a small shed on the east side of the roundhouse. In later years, according to Del Rosamond, it contained ice. It doesn’t actually appear on the 1908 B&B listing, but then, the roundhouse is barely described in that book. So, I’ve decided to include it. Based on a sketchy distant half-view and a desire to try cutting a new pattern with the Cricut, … Continue reading Roundhouse shed designed

Roundhouse walls mostly done

Today, I coated the backs and edges of the wall sections with Weldbond, and left them under some weights to dry. This was an improvement over the test wall section because I could then cut out the windows without having to worry about the mullions beneath. As you can see from this terribly cruel photo, however, the window openings in the siding do not appear … Continue reading Roundhouse walls mostly done

Near miss on the Boundary Sub

On Wednesday evening, I had an opportunity to dispatch on my friend Scott Calvert’s layout.  His is a timetable and train order operation, just as the real Boundary was.  If you’ve never had an opportunity to participate in a TT&TO operation, I encourage you to come to Vancouver for the annual Railway Modellers’ Meet.   This year, we have operating sessions on two evenings, but they’re … Continue reading Near miss on the Boundary Sub

First layer of colour for the roundhouse 

You can tell you’re working on a large project when all the pieces don’t fit on your workbench and they have to dry on the floor. The first layer is a mix of yellow ochre and raw sienna.  I picked out I ndividual boards on the exterior, but the interior is simply roughly washed with raw sienna.  There will be a layer of grey after … Continue reading First layer of colour for the roundhouse 

Scribed and cut lines on the Cricut

Up to now, when I’ve wanted some lines scribed and others cut, I’ve simply run the whole pattern on the Cricut with a lighter touch.  Then I have chased the scribed lines with a knife to cut them through.  It’s simple, but tedious. Tonight, as I was cutting out the inside layer of the rear walls of the roundhouse, I noticed that they all have … Continue reading Scribed and cut lines on the Cricut

Railway Modellers’ Meet

As I mentioned previously, I’m helping to organize the Railway Modellers’ Meet of British Columbia.  This is the annual meet of the local NMRA division, but it is open to all (NMRA members get a discount).  I also mentioned that it is perhaps higher quality than a lot of regional and divisional meets, although slightly smaller and shorter. That’s an audacious claim, but I think … Continue reading Railway Modellers’ Meet