The wonder of a local hobby store or It looks like Bachmann’s tender shell will work for 622

Today I stopped in to Central Hobbies to see if they had any of the parts I need for 622.  It’s all esoteric stuff, and so I was happy to walk away with the gear box at least.  It must be said that Central Hobbies is one of the better hobby stores I’ve ever encountered.  Somewhere in that mess, you can find just about anything you might want.

Before checking out, I asked the ever-genial Bill Dixon behind the counter if they would bring in Bachmann parts.  He figured it was better to  go straight to their website, and that’s what he does; however, he was happy to open up a modern 4-4-0 box so we could measure the tender tank.  It scales out about 18.5 feet long, which compares nicely with my scaled drawing.

Looks like Bachmann's tender she'll should work.

The experience reminded me once again how important our hobby shops are, and consequently I’ll be ordering many of the parts for 622 through Central Hobbies.  There’s not much they can furnish me with, but the slight markup they will charge is worth every penny for the convenience and service they provide.


3 thoughts on “The wonder of a local hobby store or It looks like Bachmann’s tender shell will work for 622

  1. The other day, in a forum I subscribe to, I was reading a thread trigged by the recent news that Caboose Hobbies would close down. The thread was plagued by more folks dragging out the old “the hobby is dying” lines once again and holding up the news at Caboose as concrete evidence of that. Among the posts was one that criticized the local hobby shops for “gouging” the modeler. Even now, a few days later, I find it hard to not shoot back a petty reply calling out that sort of language.

    With that in mind, the timing of your post couldn’t be better. I’m really impressed with this example and glad you shared your experience. Buying online the only service is price and sometimes price and selection. What we lose is that ability to have a place to go to collaborate and to learn. Shops providing what Central Hobbies does are not the typical but those that do, deserve our support.

    As I read your post I thought about that gouging accusation and how much I’d pay for the experience of being able to participate in a hobby shop. I already spend money on magazines, books, and even subscribe to things like Trainmasters TV and Model Railroader’s Video Plus. All of this to partake in the experience of the hobby. If there’s a margin of difference in the price of an item it’s not the hobby shop guy and his sinister plan to take advantage of the customer it represents an opportunity for us to support his commitment to supporting the hobby – our hobby. That sort of commitment deserves recognition and support.

    I’ve dealt with Central Hobbies before. I love the ability to pick up the phone and order Micro Engineering N scale code 40 flex track with the same ease as ordering Atlas code 100 HO scale stuff like it was a normal thing – something I’ve been able to do at Central Hobbies. I love the inventory of resin kits from Geoff Gooderham and Kaslo.



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