Tender sketch for 622

There’s not been much modelling going on for a couple of weeks as summer catches up with us.  You know, warm evenings, barbeques, etc.  The good life.

I did, however, manage to scrape out an hour to roughly sketch the tender.  I’m considering buying the tank from a Bachmann tender, but this sketch is scaled from a good photo I have, and so, when I get the tank, I will compare it to this sketch to see if they are close.

Years ago, there was a great article in MR that said you should make the tender first.  The premise was two-fold.  First, the tender is like a warm-up, and you can improve your skills on a relatively simple model before tackling the main event.  The second reason is that by the time you’re finished the engine, you’re exhausted, and just want the ordeal to be over; it’s better not to tackle a model in that state.

I took this approach with #10.  I wish I had taken the same approach with the drawing for 622.  I’m not exhausted, but my skills have certainly improved over the course of drawing the engine.  The engine drawing might be cleaner if I’d started with the tender.

Well, now I’ve written it down.  I’ll know for next time.


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