622’s Fall plate will be removable

On #10, due to a lack of foresight, the fall plate was simply an extension of the cab floor.  This was never satisfactory as it meant that it hovered slightly above the tender deck, rather than, well, falling on it.  I also feel that it is vulnerable, hanging off the back of the engine as it does.

So for 622, I’ve devised a way to make the fall plate hinged and removable.  I’ve added two .015″ holes to the ends of the frame.  These will take some .01″ phosphor-bronze wire, which I will epoxy to the bottom of the fall plate.  These wires should spring into the holes and keep the fall plate attached to the back of the locomotive.  I may have to chamfer the end of the frames slightly to allow the plate to fall.

Well that’s the theory at least.  We’ll see in about a year when I’m actually putting the fall plate on!


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