622: Backheads are harder to draft than make

It’s generally invisible except through the windows.  So I don’t want to spend too much time on the cab interior and specifically the backhead.  A modeller’s sketch is sufficient, I think.

If I recall, the backhead for #10 took an enjoyable day of modelling.  It was styrene plus a few pieces of lost wax jewelry representing what I surmise would have confronted the fireman and engineer when they stepped onto the footplate.


On 622, I plan to 3D print the backhead so that once she’s built, I can quickly put together her sisters as well.  Because it is printed, I am limited to about 0.5 mm for un-supported cross-sections.  So, everything is a little chunkier than I might like.  However, it should be fine through the windows.

It hasn’t taken me just a day to put together though!  I think I’ve been drawing valves and pipes all week, and there could still be more.  Thank goodness I’m modelling a little tea kettle, and not one of the big super-power monsters of later years.  Either way, I think if I were doing it again, I might just make the valves, and run the pipes with soft wire.


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