First Scratchbuilt Model

The Boy has decided he would like to have a go at building some structures.  Being a clever sort of fellow, he decided to first find out if he could make a small box out of wood.  Myself, I was never so sensible: the first thing I ever launched myself at was an ore car, which I failed to enter into the Model Railroader 50th anniversary contest as it never was more than an underframe.

As it happens, he has some talent, and turned out a pretty nice little box on his first try.  He then parlayed his little box into a fruit stand.  The camera is a merciless judge, and yet, this little model stands up just fine to my eye.



3 thoughts on “First Scratchbuilt Model

  1. Great job! Love it! My son tried his hand at scratchbuilding a couple years ago. Built his sister a horse stable for her Breyer horse collection. Started out with a clementine orange crate. I helped him get some wood and roof metal from Northeastern. It turned out to be close to O scale so we were able to use their stair stringers for steps into the hay loft.

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