Brakes for 622

As in modelling, drawing follows the 90-90 rule.  The first 90% takes 90% of the time.  The last 10% also takes 90% of the time.  I’m in to the last 10% of this drawing. The trouble with brakes on steam engines is you have to remove them before you can remove the wheels.  My previous […]

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Mark Dance’s figure painting

My friend Mark Dance is enjoying the sunshine at their cottage in Ontario this month (summer here in BC has been cool and wet).  Before he left, he asked if he could take some of my A.C.Stadden figures to have a go at painting them.  Knowing that before Mark got serious about model railroading, he […]

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Boiler fittings for 622

This week has seen me drawing the domes, stack and smokebox front for 622.  These will all be 3D printed to start; depending on how they turn out, I will either use them as they are and fill them with lead, or cast them from Cerro-bend after cleaning up the castings. Again, OnShape amazed me […]

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Drawing 622’s Stephenson gear

I just finished drawing up the valve gear for 622 in OnShape.  This is certainly the most complex part I’ve drawn yet in the tool, and the idea is to have it 3D printed as a single piece.  Sadly that means it won’t work, but in the interest of getting the locomotive running, I’m going […]

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