Mark Dance’s figure painting

My friend Mark Dance is enjoying the sunshine at their cottage in Ontario this month (summer here in BC has been cool and wet).  Before he left, he asked if he could take some of my A.C.Stadden figures to have a go at painting them.  Knowing that before Mark got serious about model railroading, he was into painting miniature figures, it took me about a … Continue reading Mark Dance’s figure painting

622: Backheads are harder to draft than make

It’s generally invisible except through the windows.  So I don’t want to spend too much time on the cab interior and specifically the backhead.  A modeller’s sketch is sufficient, I think. If I recall, the backhead for #10 took an enjoyable day of modelling.  It was styrene plus a few pieces of lost wax jewelry representing what I surmise would have confronted the fireman and engineer when … Continue reading 622: Backheads are harder to draft than make

622’s pilot and the power of parametric CAD

I just finished drawing 622’s pilot.  Actually, it is 623’s pilot as I don’t have any photograph showing 622 after she lost her link and pin.  I think it’s a pretty good match to the photo. Perhaps the angle needs to be a little more acute. But here’s the thing: five minutes ago, it looked like this: To fix it, I returned to the sketch … Continue reading 622’s pilot and the power of parametric CAD

Obbekaer featured in Continental Modeller

A few weeks ago, Geraint Hughes responded to my little tantrum about the writing in North American model train magazines.  He made the astute observation that people are sheep, and concluded that authors are merely following each others’ styles. Then he got me all excited because apparently his railway was featured in Continental Modeller.  Sadly, he didn’t say which issue, but I resolved to look out … Continue reading Obbekaer featured in Continental Modeller