Improved roundhouse wall parts

Today’s lesson: when you’re cutting many window panes, don’t aim to cut right through unless you’re willing to babysit the Cricut.

If the panes are cut right through, then they may pop off the cutting mat, and eventually the blade will land on one of the freed squares.  Then, dragging the square around like a kid wiping spilled milk off the floor, the blade will cease to cut anything.  I can’t decide if it is more fun to stand by with a finger ready on the pause button and a pair of tweezers to catch the panes that pop out, or if it is better to complete the cuts by hand.

I also boosted the thickness on the studs.  At this .044″ (1.11 mm), I didn’t have any of yesterday’s failures, despite the used blade.   However, the studs are now 3.83 scale inches, which is most likely too thick for scale.  This is texture for the inside of the building; it will be visible obliquely only.  Why oh why am I spending time on it at all?



2 thoughts on “Improved roundhouse wall parts

  1. “Why oh why am I spending time on it at all?”

    Because we a suckers for a challenge?

    As to the studs you just need to build a fun story for it, for example maybe the local saw mill had an excess number of miscut 4×4’s (3.83 to be exact) and offloaded them cheap to the railroad.

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