Liquitex Spray on the Muskrat River

After five coats of paint or primer, filling and sanding in between, I finally felt ready to place the finish coats.  These are all going to be sprayed in the hopes that I don’t have to sand between coats (time will tell).

My darling wife looked at the river and declared that it was too black.  “Rivers are brown,” she declared.  She might be right.  I can never tell what colour they are because there’s too much reflection.  Looking through all the photos I could find didn’t help.

I do recall looking down out of a canoe straight into creeks and rivers in Algonquin Park that were almost a tea colour.  So, I stopped at Opus on Friday night and picked up some Liquitex Raw Sienna spray paint.

Not the right colour at all

Yeah, it seemed like a good idea until I sprayed it on the river.  It is altogether too bright.  

However, there are a couple of nice things about this product. First of all, it is a very smooth spray – so far I’ve not had any of the sputtering or runs that I sometimes get with cheap rattle cans. Second of all, it is low odour, and the odour is kind of fruity. So the family haven’t complained at all. The only downside is that it is about two or three times more expensive than other spray paints.

While it was drying The Girl asked to go spend some of her money, and we stopped at Opus again. There I found that Liquitex makes a spray they call “transparent black.” The Opus woman thought it would be gloss glaze. So, we’re going to try a few coats of that to tone it down a trifle.


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