Muskrat River is Nearly Flat

I had truly expected to be finished that first pass on the scenery by the weekend.  However, getting the Muskrat River to lose its semblance to plywood has taken more work than I had anticipated.

We’re now at two layers of primer and two layers of paint, filling and sanding between each coat, as well as an initial coat of filler that I sanded before even bringing the layout in from the garage.  As you can see, there is at least one more coat to apply and sand.  Ultimately, the surface won’t be perfectly flat.  However, the gloss coat is the right place for ripples, if I decide to add them.

I’m painting the river black as that is the new fascia colour.  However, looking at photos of Ontarioan rivers, I think I will spray a brown hue on the final coat, perhaps with some blue on the near edge to help reflect the sky, which isn’t there to be reflected.


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