Pembroke South Stacked

Pembroke starts to peter out as we move further south.  By the time we get to Lee Manufacturing at the south extremity of the layout, houses have disappeared, to be replaced by potato fields and pastures.  Aside from the factory and a cattle pen, the only structures belong to the roundhouse.

South section land forms

The Mary Street bridge, which connects Mary Street with Alfred Street, serves as a boundary between the north and south sections of the layout. This bridge initially served as a detour when the town replaced the Pembroke Street bridge with the new stone bridge. It was therefore fairly crude and small, though upon reflection perhaps it needs to be a little wider than the 12′ I’ve made it.  At 12′, two wagons cannot meet and pass here.

Looking at the best photo I have, I also see that the road dog-legs to the left to go up the hill.  This is good, because the transition to the roundhouse area is awkward today, and a little extra space might help.  I need to collapse almost half a mile into about six inches here, and the result is that the river bank bends most unnaturally.


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