The book on #10

In light of recent posts about #10, it’s a bit ironic that the book has finally become available through Model Railroad Hobbyist.  It’s been in the works for something like 18 months now.  Despite my decision that I really need to go back and rebuild the chassis, there is still plenty to learn from this model.

The book is based on the original email thread that I wrote as I built the locomotive.  However, it has been substantially reorganized and edited to make sense when read together.  So for example, while the tender was the first and last part of the model I worked upon, in the book, there is a single section about the tender.

One thing I did that is a little unusual is to keep all the failures, and there were many!  I believe we all learn from failures, even if they aren’t our own.  I included them as a warning to those who might think one of my dead ends is a good way to go.

The book is available for a reduced pre-order price on the in both digital and paper versions on the MRH Store.  Save money and space and go for the digital version!


3 thoughts on “The book on #10

  1. I cannot yet comment on the new book, but I did buy the previous ePub version. It was very good, but at the time I thought it worthy of being turned into a proper piece of prose. I most appreciated the sections where things went wrong, and the perseverance in resolving problems was very encouraging.

    Glad that this has happened- and I know where some of next month’s hobby money will be spent!

    1. Hi Simon,

      I’m flattered that you’re one of the dozen who bought my original book, and that you’re considering buying the new version as well. Obviously, I don’t want to discourage you, but “proper piece of prose” might be giving it more credence than it deserves. Personally, I would rather you yourself spend next month’s hobby money on materials for an awesome project and share it with us on your blog.

      Everyone else should buy the book, of course!

      1. Hi René,

        It would only be some of my hobby money.

        As to my own activities, I need to get past a case of “analysis paralysis”, but I have the possibility of some free ahead of me, and a couple of projects requiring no money but quite a bit of time, so who knows?


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