More thoughts on loco frames

The next locomotives will be built from something like a kit. The frames will be etched in two layers, and that means there are opportunities to make extensions between the frames as well as outside them. 

Between the frames, I will place temporary spacers to keep all aligned while the mechanism is under development.  These will be removed or gapped once the insulation is epoxied in place. 

On the outside of the frames, there will be tabs to support the cylinders, pilot beam and running boards. 

Some other components could also use some assistance from tabs on the frames. 

  • The draw bar
  • The valve rocker
  • The reversing lever
  • The equalizing fulcrum

I left such details off #10’s frame because they made it harder to form. However, with an etched frame this should not be such a big problem.  So, wherever they don’t interfere with sitting the frame upside down for wheel fitting, I think I will include them this time. 


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